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We offer a complete cost per page option that includes toner, maintenance and repair.

 We can work with and for CEO's CFO and IT departments.



We can offer you a cost per page program.



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Print Management Solutions

We will conduct a free analysis of your current printing processes and show you how to lower your costs. We can provide total print management solutions for all printing devices on your network. We can also offer a cost per page option that includes toner, maintenance and repair.


How do Print Management Solutions work?

Evaluation: We can analyze your current printer inventory, evaluate the usage of each printer based on users and actual printed pages, and determine the age and effectiveness of each printer.

Consolidation: We can help you reduce the number of small printers and consolidate to a more cost effective printer. Small personal printers can cost as much as four or five times that of group printing devices. Not only will you save money with fewer printers but often the consolidation of the print volume to larger more cost effective machines will reduce the consumables cost such as toner, maintenance kits and repairs.

Positioning: We can advise you of appropriately-sized workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout your organization so that you can increase efficiency and reduce overall cost.

How Can I Benefit?

Our Print Management Solutions Program gives you control over your laser printing costs. We will help you consolidate and better utilize your printers.



Serving loyal customers since 1990


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