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Common questions about remanufactured or compatible toner cartridges


1. Are they as good as OEM?

Answer: We guarantee our cartridges to meet OEM standards. Not all remanufactured or compatibles are!


2. Are they all the same?

Answer: No they are not. Some are compatible, some are fully remanufactured and some are just refilled.


3. What is the difference?

Answer: Compatibles are made from all new parts. Remanufactured are made using parts of the original cartridge but changing out any worn parts. Refills are just where more toner is poured into the cartridge through a hole drilled in the end.


4. Will the hurt my printer?

Answer: We guarantee that ours have them same standards as the OEM. So ours will not.


5. What does EPI offer?

Answer: We offer a remanufactured cartridge that is 100% guarantied. We also do printer repair so not only know the cartridge we know the printer.

We've been using EPI's products and services  for nine years.  Their LifeTime compatible toner  cartridges and their automatic cartridge  replacement service significantly reduce our costs, the trash we generate, and the headaches associated with ordering and storing the right supplies for all our printers."       General Manager, Austin TX.

We personally deliver our laser toner cartridges with no delivery charge!

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